Apparition– A spirit visible to live people

Digital Thermometer – A device used by paranormal investigators to detect cold or hot spots. Cold spots are thought to be caused by entities drawing energy from the air, literally sucking the heat out of the air in order to appear.

EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena – An audio recording of voices or sounds that, at the time of recording, were not detectable to the human ear.

EMF Detector – Electromagnetic Field Detector – A device that records the electromagnetic field of an area (the force given off by electrical charges). Paranormal investigators use it as a tool to detect spirits either disrupting or creating electromagnetic energy. One must be careful not to measure the electromagnetic fields of common electrical sources such as outlets, televisions or power lines while investigating possible paranormal activity.

Entity – A disembodied spirit.

Full Spectrum Cameras – Cameras, both still and video, which have been altered by removing internal filters so that they allow a broader spectrum of light to reach the film.

Haunting – The continued appearance of an entity at a specific location.

Infrared Camera – A device that uses infrared waves to see in the dark.

K2 Meter – A device that uses blinking lights to rate levels of magnetic fields and frequencies.

Matrixing – The tendency of the mind to add details to images that make them seem more familiar.

Orb – A sphere, often white or bluish, that shows up in a photograph or video. Some investigators believe they are a ball of energy however they are often confused with dust, bugs or an optical illusion registering on film or video.

Paranormal – Literally “beyond normal”. Something paranormal is an event or phenomenon that is beyond what is normally experienced by humans or what can be scientifically explained.

Thermal Camera – An IR camera that makes cold and heat visible.

VP (Voice Phenomena) – Sounds or voices heard during an investigation with no natural cause.