More EVPs

Right after “Mom looks like she went to Disneyland”

Can be heard at approximately 7.5 seconds, after “I don’t know”

Children heard singing in Seattle on investigation, not heard until we played back the audio on recorder.
voice says “turn on the fan” while on an investigation In Seattle, WA., not heard live at all until playback.
Voice says ” Renounce it” not heard live, until played back.
Asked for the poker cards to be shuffled on the table at the Infamous BIRDCAGE Theatre, the cards shuffled on the table by themselves…..
Voice heard on playback saying “DESTROY THEM” after we spoke about the Halloween decor at the infamous Birdcage Theatre , not heard live.
On the stage in the Birdcage Theatre, we heard live a child’s voice say “I got some ghosts…..”
Jon responds to this audio he heard.
Everyone on our team heard a female say aloud “Oh that BASTARD”, no females were at the Birdcage Theatre that night with us….
In a Mens Bathroom In Puyallup WA, a man saying an unknown phrase, thought to be a foreign language maybe Native. not heard live.

My brother and I in the basement of the Birdcage Theatre, we were alone and there were boot steps directly behind my brother and he knew no human was behind us……