Our Best EVPs

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. When doing an investigation, we use digital voice recorders to record question and answer sessions. EVPs are not heard live during the session. It is only on playback that we hear them. For best results, listen to EVPs with non noise cancelling headphones if available.

Recorded in the attic of a museum, listen for the answer after “Would you like to touch one of us?”

Recorded in the outbuilding of a park, one of the girls was touched on the arm, listen to the garbled words after “You okay?”

This was in a museum, there is a loud breaking noise heard throughout the building recorded on multiple devises. Nothing broken was found. Technically this is not an EVP since it was heard live but we wanted to include it.

Two male team members were discussing a water bottle in a museum, listen for the light female voice right after “yeah”

Recorded in a closed retirement home, after “lets focus on other…” and before “is there anyone in the room with us?”

Recorded in a closed retirement home, you will hear a conversation about an open door, the EVP is after “really?”

Recorded in a closed retirement home, the group had set up a flashlight where it was barely off and asked for someone to turn it on. The ohs and thank yous are in response to the light coming on. Listen for the “welcome”

Recorded in an empty Victorian house, after “Shall we ask some questions while we are waiting?”

Recorded in an old light house keepers residence, after “What is your name?”